Thursday, December 15, 2011

Simple pleasures 3

My current work involves helping Design students create their projects when it involves sewing or textile printing (thus far) and I consider it a simple pleasure as I've found it to be really satisfying to see a project come together after hours of a student's hard work. Like this one for example, of a fabric banana with zipper peels that has various information machine embroidered on them, suggesting a darker side of this famous fruit, that has been concealed from us. Visit Banana Link for more info on the current unfair trade of bananas.

Earlier this month, to get in the xmas mood, I decided to be adventurous at my current favourite bakery and bought a tree shaped dessert! I have to say it was better than amazing. I did not expect what was in there at all. It was a moist chocolate mousse with a caramel.. something surprise in the center. Blew my mind.. along with how simple this strawberry nail tutorial was :)

Happy Holidays everyone!


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