Monday, June 27, 2011

Lazy sunday

Today could have been slightly more enjoyable. It started quite well, I slept in and then went to see a movie, which I missed about 15 minutes of due to public transport. It was neat because I went alone and there was NO ONE in the theater! Then again, who goes to the movies on a Sunday? I spread out nicely and enjoyed myself. Afterwards I decided to indulge and to finally try out those infamous queue-de-castor. Silly me, after waiting 10 minutes for my beaver tail, I decided to walk out of the theater rather than having a seat and eating it up. Big mistake. I had chosen chocolate as my topping and so as I walked out of the theater it was melting and then when I bit into it, the chocolate was all over my face and shirt! So embarrassing.. I sat on a bench outside and had to deal with the chocolate going everywhere (including inside my bra!) while strangers walked past. It wouldn't have been too bad if I was with someone.. 

Anyway, onto the movie! I went to see The Art of Getting By. I had seen the trailer and thought it might be a good movie. It was, but I could tell it wasn't meant for my point in time of life but I could relate it with what I was going through in my late teens and early twenties. The cinematography was obviously well thought-out and beautifully executed, I also enjoyed the editing very much. I had certain small issues however with how the female character was being portrayed as essentially a ping pong ball that gets thrown around between the male characters which I guess is unavoidable since we are experiencing it from a male's point of view. Yet certain scenes bugged me like the one where George (main) and his artist friend/mentor are walking around a gallery and one painting catches George's eye which is of about 20 some odd slices of cake on separate plates on a table top viewed from an above eye-level perspective. When the friend notices he says: "You love this. I can see why.. fetishizing an object, it suits you." My problem with that line is that it means George's love interest (Sally) is an object, and that cake, is an object, which it isn't, it's a food. Also, I never got the sense that there was fetishizing going on, that would mean that George saw Sally as an object, which was definitely not the case. It was more about allure and desire. The build up and contextualization of the story was great but the development and the ending felt a bit strange to me and a bit too "viewer friendly". It had the potential to dig deeper and to leave a non defined open-ending. It was a nice film nonetheless. On a last note, I very much enjoyed the music in this movie and am looking forward to the soundtrack!

The chihuahua guard dog, he basically barks maniacally at anything that moves.

The movie theater wasn't far from the airport so I got a shot a plane going to...somewhere, which made me wish I was on vacation!!

My lazy Sunday outing ended with a view of the sun setting behind some trees.

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