Sunday, September 13, 2009

Golden our

Here are my two new paper purchasings for probable bookmaking, they are both shiny gold.


I've realized recently that I keep buying craft materials that I never use, always in the hopes that I "could use this" to "make something" later but never actually do. I've decided now that if I buy something I have to know specifically what for as I need to make things with all of the stuff I already have!!


The other day my little brother joined me on some errands despite having a stomach ache, I tried my best to make him feel better, hopefully it worked.


sleepy-eyed sunset, which we never get to see, I think this is the closest we can get.
My little brother and I went into the Best Buy to find a charger for his phone (no luck) but we got trapped by the fun laptops, I fell in love with this one from hp mini, which is designed by Vivienne Tam and it was so much phone to use and was so small and perfect, I wish I could splurge 700$ to carry it around in my bag/purse and have access to all my computer needs whenever and where ever, sigh.


We played with the webcam on that laptop and made many silly faces.

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